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Nougat Limar is a creamy soft nougat and has a mouth-feel and texture that is typically French-style.
It is not too sweet and not too chewy, yet is a tendré (tender) sweet that melts in your mouth.  

Nougat Limar is made from the freshest nuts, grown mainly in Australia and is produced from only the finest ingredients.
The nougat is manufactured using the traditional method of pouring the hot syrup into the frappe’ (egg-white whip) and finally adding the last ingredients and of course, Nougat Limar’s exclusive vanilla essence that is imported and especially made for our product.


Nougat Limar stand

Nougat Limar is a wholly owned Australian enterprise.

Nougat Limar started out as a hobby more than twelve years ago and grew into a home business that supplied nougat especially for Bon Bon Fine Chocolates in the Queen Victoria Building.
In November 2001, this nougat was vowed to be the best nougat in Australia by the well known food critic for the Sydney Morning Herald, John Newton.

Since then, the rising interest in our product has led to the expansion of our manufacturing facility, and is now relocated in a brand new ultra modern plant situated on the Central Coast covering over 2000 m².


Nougat Limar is a high energy, low in saturated fat (less than 3%) confectionery.

Nougat Limar contains at least 33% nuts.
Nuts, in particular pistachios and almonds are cholesterol free and provide a good source of fibre and folate.
They are also a good source of many other vitamins and minerals.

The almonds used in any of the Nougat Limar varieties are in particular, pesticide free.

Nougat hand made selection


Nougat gift boxes

Unlike traditional nougat, Nougat Limar is not too sweet giving it a moorish quality.

Now the nougat known as "Nougat Limar" has gone through many changes to increase production in order to keep up with growing consumer demand.

The unique taste and texture as described by Mr John Newton as "Tender Not Too Sweet" has remained as original as the 1st batch made in home kitchen.


Nougat Limar is now sold nationally and exported to over nine countries around the world.

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NOUGAT LIMAR is manufactured at Lot 4, 6 Jusfrute Drive, West Gosford NSW 2250
Phone: +612 4322 3222 Fax: +612 4322 2244
Email: info@nougatlimar.com.au
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